Cross Platform Virus Prompts Linux Fix

Linux and  open source developers did a small analytic work and exposed that this was due to a doubtful bug in the compiler used by Linux. The bug affects versions of Linux that be compiled use a certain kernel alternative called REGPARM which was newly enable by defaulting. This patch fixes what Torvalds calls a “benign” bug that has no effect in a large amount programs. It also helps Virus. work in systems where it otherwise would have been unsuccessful.

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A proof of an idea virus targets both Linux and windows, fail to execute on new version of Linux, pointing Linux developers to a bug in the kernel. The bug affect kernels compiled with the REGPARM option. Linus Torvalds, maker and maintainer of the Linux kernel, has patched the bug in his growth version of the kernel, which would permit the virus to execute. The patch allows the virus to work, the bug would have been trivial for a virus author to work roughly .

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