Portable File Sharing Charger Runs Linux

Giga stone announce the first U.S. free of the elegant box, a $40 Linux base mobile ornament that combines an SD card book lover, a WiFi content streamer and personal wireless net work, and a 2500m Ah strapping battery charger. The idea behind the elegant box is that it solve three frequent troubles nearby smart phones assembly sure the phone stay charged access media and data with no requiring costly on board storage space or paying data cost and simply allocation media content with associates. By combine a back up mare with a easy Linux base individual wireless server, it manage to do all three on the cheap.

The well dressed box has been obtainable in Asia since Aug. 2012, and has now inwards state side. The smart box A2-25B appear this week, listed at Fry’s and B&H for the promise $40. At publication time  Amazon was selling it for $50, and the fourth listed seller, demanded a whopping $120. Greatest buy appear to be the just one to offer the smart box A2 50B, which it sell for $130. The A2-50B model is equal to the 3.0 x 2.4 x 0.6-inch, 2.7-ounce A2-25B except for that it is a bit superior and heavier in order to construct room for its 5000m Ah battery. The bigger battery delivers up to twice the battery life at 16 hours, compare to the 2500m Ah A2-25B.

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The battery not simply keep the device administration, but presumptuous it is charged up, can as well indict a smart phone or tablet. Up to four hours of series life can be provided to an attached mobile device. A USB port is used for charging the device in and out, and does not come into view to be available for storage space duty. The storage is sh arable via a Wi Fi based Internet connection characteristic for up to six Wi Fi enable mobile users at the same time, as long as they download the free Android or iOS app, says Giga stone. The user can flow special content, and can also upload data to the card. It should be noted  that this is not a mobile hot spot offer Internet access, only right of entry to the contents of the SD card, as well as streaming audio and video.

Specifications listed for the smart box A2-25B and A2-50B include:

Processor — Qualcomm Atheros AR9331 (1x MIPs 24K core @ 400MHz)

Memory — 128MB DDR RAM; 32MB SPI flash

Storage — SDHC/SDXC card slot with microSD adapter; up to 32GB

Wireless — 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) access point/personal hotspot with AP bridge function (up to 10 meters)

Streaming format support — MP4/MOV/M4V, MP3/WAV, JPG/PNG/BMP

Other I/O — USB port (for charging in and out)

Battery power:

2500mAh, 8-hour active, 16-hour standby (A2-25B)

5000mAh, 16-hour active, 32 hours standby (A2-50B)

DC 5V/ 1000mA power

Weight — 75g (A2-25B); 140g (A2-50B)

Dimensions — 75 x 60 x 16.1mm (A2-25B); 75 x 60 x 22.5mm (A2-50B)

Operating system — embedded Linux

2.6.31 supports access from free Android or iOS app

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