Tips For Ubuntu Users

Ubuntu is a Linux OS that is generally used but similar to is the case with a lot of OSes, it as well has its divide of short comings. These can be complete gone with by following the steps that have been out lined below.

Select Windows As The First Choice in the Grub Boot Menu:  You can do this by ensure that you have together gksu and leaf pad installed. Then you require to click on the grey Ubuntu logo. Then you require to type or copy paste sudo apt-get install gksu leaf pad. You require to press enter and enter your password. The password will not be observable with out the asterisks. You need to then type in the terminal use copy paste gk sudo leaf pad etc and press enter. You can construct change GRUB_DEFAULT. The default boot line is 0 as Grub begin including with 0 and not with 1. For instance: if windows is at line 5 in your Grub menu then you want to create the 0 into 4: GRUB_DEFAULT=4 . You can save and close the design file and apply the modify in the terminal utilize copy paste sudo update-grub.

Forgot password : You want to boot your computer into recovery mode second choice in the Grub Menu  and choose the terminal. Mount the file system read-write. mount -n -o remount,rw / and press Enter. Ensure you sort the command properly, as it is simple to commit errors with the spaces in the command. You may observe a warning from mntent, about /etc/fstab. You can ignore this. Type: passwd your_own_username (for example: passwd john) and press enter. Type: reboot and press enter.

Pace Up The Interval For The File System Check:  By use tune2fs, you can boost the interval to 100. For partition sda2: you need to click on the grey Ubuntu logo.

Query: terminal and click on it.You need to type or copy paste sudo tune2fs -c 100 /dev/sda2.You want to press enter and submit your password. The password will not be observable minus the dots.

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Construction your system faster and quieter: Switch off the 3 D visual effects. Forcing A Locked up application to end  click on the grey Ubuntu logo.  Query: terminal and click on Terminal. Type:  xkill .Press enter, this converts the cursor into a cross. You can click on the application window that you want to close forcibly.

Make A Good Hardware List: Click on the grey Ubuntu logo.

Query: terminal and click on Terminal.

Copy/paste this line: sudo lshw -html > hardware.html and press Enter

Your password will not be noticeable minus the asterisks will show .You will acquire a document in your individual folder called hard ware.html. You can double click on it to interpret it in via your web browser.

Enhance The Outlook Of Image Editor GIMP : In the Ubuntu 13.10, you can enhance GIMP’s user interface really by combine the three windows into one by going in to panel of GIMP windows tick: single window mode.

Managing Memory Of Terminal: All terminal commands are being stored in a “memory file”, so that you can re call them in the terminal by pressing the “up” arrow key on your keyboard. They are in the file .bash_history in your home folder. It is a hidden file, so first unhide it:

Ubuntu 12.04: Click in the Ubuntu sidebar on the icon of your home folder.

Ubuntu 13.10: Click in the Ubuntu sidebar on the icon of your home folder . Use the shortcut (key combination) Ctrl h to make the hidden files visible, or do it like this In the task bar of the file manager: files preferences  check  show hidden and backup files. Now close the file manager and open it again. The hidden files with a dot before their names should be observable now. You can view and edit the contents of .bash_history in a text editor like Gedit or Leaf pad.

Should you desire to clear all items in the terminal memory then you can use this command: history -c -w ~/.bash_history. If you desire to avoid a particular command from mortal store in the memory, only come first that command by a space, while you issue it.

Turn on The Numeric Section Of Your Keyboard:  To do this you need to-


Search word: numlockx

Install numlockx (“enable NumLock in X11 sessions”).

Reboot your computer.

Once you have logged in, Numlock should be activated.

if not then-

Click on the grey Ubuntu logo (Dash home). Query: startup.

Click on Startup Applications.

Click Add

Giving the new addition the name Numlockx and the command numlockx

Click Add.

Reboot your computer.

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