Launch Linux Utilities From Oracle Database

Linux usefulness be measured database tables and  they can among the preprocesses  ruling element available for outer tables in Oracle Database 11g. It works as follow. An operating system value in a bash script, specify the script as the pre processor program whilst create an outer table.

To raise the effectiveness and obtain the generate results as table row just query the outer table within an SQL statement. This is done in a method comparable to querying a normal relational table. This approach allow you to have operating system data prepared in tables, just like other database data. The key gain is that you can simply connect operating system data to database data all within a solo SQL query.

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It is attractive to note that the come up to above is not the just one can utilize to launch operating system utilities from within the database. For ex with the CREATE_PROGRAM procedure of DBMS_SCHEDULER, you can have an exterior executable be launched on a number of schedule or straight from within PL/SQL code.

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Prepare Working Environment : A Linux operating system and Oracle Database installed on it. If you do not have Oracle database installed on your Linux system the simplest and fastest way to prepare your working setting is to install Oracle VM virtual box it is accessible for Mac OS X, Microsoft windows, Oracle Solaris, and Linux and then install a virtual visitor use that provide preconfigured Oracle software within it. This gadgets contains Oracle Linux as the operating system and is preconfigured with Oracle database enterprise edition 11g release 2, which is prepared to be utilize correct away.

Query Operating System Data: The outer tables quality can be use as a data load tool, providing a high-quality option to SQL Loader. Use exterior tables to query operating system data, considerable an external table with the output generate by an operating system utility. This approach is based on use the preprocessor directive feature obtainable for outer tables, starting through Oracle Database 11g. In a nutshell, you write a shell script that invoke a system helpfulness and then identify that script as the preprocessor program in an exterior table. The common steps are as follows:

[1] The exterior table preprocessor calls a shell script that must have been located in a directory formed in the database.

[2] The shell script calls an operating system value and, if needed, perform some operations on the produce output.

[3] The utility’s output is then insert into the outer table, according to the format exact during the table formation.

A amount of Linux utilities, as well as those that illustrate disk space and system in sequence, as well as persons that perform monitor and  debugging, and so on. Thus, you strength simply to use this come up to with commands such as df, ps, ls, du, env, uname, and so on. In the majority cases, when it comes to performing database related tasks, you might avoid using operating system utilities straight and instead rely on the database SQL commands and database objects. An Oracle database 11g trait that provide a average file system border to store and access files in the database. These records are store in a database table as secure files LOBs. At the same time, since the file system is mount on a normal rise point, you can right to use it similar to any other file system in Linux.

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