Using Linux As Your Network Operating System

There are a lot of difference among the current data center and the usual enterprise networks that precede it. Data center application are more Layer 3 savvy for example, they use L3 methodologies such as person’s name service and service discovery as an alternative of affected their peers are all in the similar sub net. Data centers can work about thing like network failure, the fact that extra traffic is east west rather than north-south, and so on.

The scale of effective networks is also far extra than that of conventional VLANs  not only that, these sensible net works are spun up and down at speed orders of extent quicker than their VLAN counter part. The sheer figure of servers means there is a lot extra net working gear to run than in fixed venture net works.

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The scale and fast ness of contemporary data centers put data center net working at odds with the available network models. Some problems, such as the integer of effective networks, necessary the growth of latest technologies such as VXLAN, while others have essential a redesign of the net work architecture deploy in the data center. The problem of management the net work is not fixed in any failure of net working, quite in the design of the network OS.

The deficiency stemming from the be short of of processes or memory management became obvious as routers become extra complex. The router OS evolve to the next stage of having an embedded OS such as QNX or Vx works for process and memory supervision. A little step to substitute the fixed OS with BSD or Linux. Despite these changes to the underlying OS, the router remained a black box or an embedded system in its character. Protocols were the de jure mode of message and access. For example, SNMP was developed as a way to run the boxes, but it ended up being use only for monitoring. Even at that it did a poor job, because MIBs had to be developed and extra code written to right of entry the counters.

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