Linux 3.11 Named Linux For Workgroup

Linux 3.11 “ Linux for work groups.” Tux, Linux’s penguin amulet that appear through boot up, is now sharing a windows flag .This might seem a little odd, given Linux’s standing as the windows contrast but Linux for work groups is really one of Linux’s saner names. The Linux kernel has been lumbered with a number of remarkably undignified designations, such as uni cycling Gorilla, erotic pickled.

Other than its name, though, Linux for work groups bears no relative to windows 3.11. The main characteristic in Linux 3.11, which is at present at the release applicant stage of expansion, is better support for the power management. The kernel also chains Intel’s rapid start technology, Zswap and KVM and Xen virtualization on ARM64 processors. The final version of Linux 3.11 should be released in a couple of months, at the start of September. Ubuntu 13.10 due out in October will vessel with the Linux 3.11 kernel which means that the Ubuntu boot screen should attribute the innovative tux boot icon.

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Initial with Linux 2.6, most of the Linux kernels have been graced by its guardian with a thick name. It is not completely clear why torvalds started down this road in the first place, but the common method of is powerfully suggestive of Ubuntu’s code names. Linux 3.11 is set of testers. This is far from the first time that Torvalds has given early on builds of the Linux kernel whimsical nicknames. Earlier ones have built-in “Unicycling Gorilla.

A range of small changes in 3.11.Most of these come from AMD and amount to improved support for the Radeon graphics card people. This will comprise a new direct representation manager driver. In addition, Xen and KVM virtualization will work on 64 bit ARM architectures with 3.11. The kernel will also comprise a lustre spread file system client. Lustre tend to be used in bunch computing. Lastly, zswap is a light weight compacted memory cache for swap pages. Its principle is to recover presentation when a Linux system is in hazard of running out of memory.

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