Linux More Protected But Not Untouchable

Linux is more secure than other platforms. A number of things one opinion is about the relative security of Linux. One of the biggest selling points of Linux is its security. The truth of the matter is if a machine is online, it is vulnerable and it can be hacked. If that machine is not updated regularly, the chances of it being hacked are greatly increased.

Using the Linux platform does not give you an automatic “Get out of jail free” card. Like any other platform, you must run regular updates and take proper security measures.  Linux is a much more secure platform than the alternatives. Linux desktop against any others no matter how secure of a reputation it has it is only as secure as the packages installed. Linux is UNIX operating systems should also be protected by anti-virus software. There were a number of people on the machine that used FTP. Nearly 50% of those people still had the default FTP password, which was set up by the original engineer that deployed the machine. Even worse, FTP was not set up securely.

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The open source nature of Linux allows for more peer review of the code to find and fix the code before zero day hacks can be done. Administrators are facing a growing need to proactively control configurations and prevent unauthorized applications from executing most organizations have limited visibility into all the applications running on Linux desktops and servers. One of the biggest advantages in terms of security for Linux lies in its huge, highly skilled and diligent community. Linux is invulnerable. It is indeed facing an increase in threats as it gains popularity. In the Linux world on the others hand, countless users can see the code at any time making it more likely that someone will find a flaw sooner rather than later. Users can even fix problems themselves. A Large team of paid developers, but it is unlikely that team can compare with a global base of Linux user-developers around the globe.

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