Linux 3.12 Latest Features

The Linux 3.12 kernel is coming to an end and 3.12-rc1 should be released soon. An overview of the interesting merges that happened over the past two weeks as new features for Linux 3.12. Linux 3.12-rc1 kernel as the first major development release of this major forthcoming open source kernel update.  Linux 3.12 at least from our perspective with the fanatic and desktop hardware angle. There is lots of open source graphics driver improvement, the constant growth of Linux file-systems, more ARM work, and various latest updated hardware drivers.

Improved dynamic power management support for AMD radeon GPUs of the HD 8000 generation. DPM and ASPM are now both supported. It is also been other improvements to the code supporting the existing power management code. The Linux 3.12 merge window will open once the Linux 3.11 kernel is out in the coming days, but already a number of of the change that have been queue up that have me excited mainly around graphics and hardware improvement include

Staging driver updates : A Nuvoton NAU7802 ADC driver. The NAU7802 is a precision low-power 24-bit analog-to-digital converter. The asus_oled driver has been deleted.  The Comedi staging driver continues to see a wealth of work.

Sound driver works: HDPM updates for AIO/Ray DAT and TCO/sync support. PCM sync support for the RME96.HDMI and Display port audio updates. New sound drivers in Linux 3.12 include support for the Analog Devices ADAU1702 and ADAU1401(a).

EXT4 gained new features of aggressive extent caching and better recovery: EXT4 file ystem change for the Linux 3.12 kernel, which include two latest features and various other fixes refinement for this widely used and steady Linux file system. For end-users, Ted say this can lead to less memory usage for read-mostly work loads and improvements to asynchronous I/O.

F2FS file-system improvements: Creation the F2FS file system updates exciting for this next Linux kernel make free are latest features and performance improvements. Enhancements features for F2FS in the 3.12 kernel include inline xattrs, sysfs maintain to control GCs openly, and a proc entry to prove the current segment usage information. The performance work comes down to improvement in worst case scenarios for GC,SSR.

XFS file-system improvements: XFS change for the Linux 3.12 combine window comprise allowing for extra shared code among the libxfs user-space XFS library and the Linux kernel XFS module, performance optimizations, and other little work. Some of the items worth pointing out include compact to log recovery, support for project and group quotas to work concurrently, routine optimizations for CIL, directory entry file type maintain, user namespace support, and other small fixes and improvements.

 Btrfs file-system performance improvements: The Linux 3.12 kernel merge window are a huge number of fixes, performance improvement and clean ups. With the new Btrfs pull does come a number of famous change for this next age group Linux file system.

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