Linux Command For Linux System Administration

Constructive and normally use Linux or Unix commands for Linux system administrators that are used in their each day in their life.

Uptime Command : Linux up time command shows since how long your system is running and the number of users is currently logged in and also displays load average for 1,5 and 15 minute intervals.


Check Uptime Version : Uptime command does not have extra options other than uptime and version. It gives in sequence only in hours: mins if it less than 1 day

W Command: Displays user at present logged in and their process along with shows load averages. as well shows the login name, tty name, remote host, login time, idle time, JCPU, PCPU, command and processes.

# W

Users Command : Users command display at this time logged in users. This command does not have extra parameter other than help out and version.

# users

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Who Command : Who command only returns user name, date, time and host information. Who command is like to w command. Unlike w command who does not print what users are doing. Lets demonstrate and watch the particular between who and w commands.


Who ami Command: who ami command make the name of the current user. Use “who am i” command to show the current user. Logged in as a root use sudo command “whoami” command comes back root as the current user. Use “who am i” command if you want to know the accurate user logged in.

ls Command : ls command exhibit list of files in human clear format.


Cron tab Command: List timetable jobs for present user with cron tab command and -l option.

# crontab -l

Less Command: Less command permit quickly view files. You can page up and down. Press ‘q‘ to quit from less window.

# less install.log

More Command: More command permit fast view file and show details in percentage. Page up and down. Press ‘q‘ to quit out from more window.

MV Command : Rename file A to file B. -i options prompt before overwrite. Ask for confirmation if exist already.

# mv -i file A file B

Cat Command : Cat command used to view several files at the equal time.

# cat fileA fileB

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