Linux Network Configuration & Troubleshooting Commands

There are  a number of network strategy or media are anxious to form computer network. computer burdened with Linux operating system can as brilliant be a division of network whether it is modest or huge network by its multi tasking and multi user natures. Preserve of system and network up and operation is a task of system  network Administrator’s job.

ifconfig  : if con fig  command is developed  to initialize an interface, assign IP address to interface and facilitate disable interface on command. Among this command you can view IP address and hardware and MAC address allot to the interface and also MTU size. if con fig with edge command only shows correct interface facts like IP address, MAC address etc. With  an options will exhibit all accessible interface details if it is disable also.

Assigning IP Address and Gateway:  Assigning an IP address and gateway to interface on the fly. The place will be separate in case of a system reboot.

Enable or Disable Specific Interface: To facilitate or disable specific Interface, we utilize case command as follows.

Enable eth0

Setting MTU Size: By defaulting MTU size is 1500. We can place required MTU size with under command.

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Set Interface in immoral mode: Network interface only straight packet belongs to that exacting NIC. If you put frontier in corrupt mode it will establish all the packets. This is extremely functional to detain packet and examine later.

PING Command:PING command is the most favorable way to make sure connectivity between two nodes.  It is local area network or extensive area network . Ping use ICMP Internet control communication protocol to chat to other devices. Ping host name of ip address using lower command.


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In Linux ping command preserve executing until you cut short. Ping with -c option exit after N number of demands.

TRACEROUTE Command: Trace route is a network troubleshooting value which shows number of hops full to arrive at objective also determine packet traveling path. Under we are tracing method to global DNS server IP tackle and able to attain reason also show channel of that pack is traveling.

NETSTAT Command: Net stat command exhibit relation info, routing table in order etc. Two displays routing table information use option as -r.

DIG Command : Dig query DNS related information like a record, CNAME, MX record etc. This command frequently uses to troubleshoot DNS related query.

NS LOOK UP Command :  ns look up command also exploit to find out DNS related query. The following examples shows A record IP Address of


ROUTE Command : Route command as well explain and control IP steering table. Watch evasion routing table in Linux, method the following command


HOST Command :  Host command to discover name to IP or IP to name in IPv4 or IPv6 and as fine query DNS events.

ARP Command: ARP  is helpful to view  add the inside of the kernel’s ARP tables. To see default table use the command as.

ETHTOOL Command:  Eth tool is a stand-in of mii-tool. It is to thought setting the speed and duplex of your network interface card. Set duplex lastingly in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 with ETHTOOL_OPTS changeable.

IWCONFIG Command : IW config command in Linux is used to configure a wireless network interface. Recognize and set the basic Wi-Fi facts like SSID channel and encryption. Refer man page of iw con fig to classify additional.

HOST NAME Command : Host name is to know in a network. Execute host name command to observe the host name of your box. Set host name lastingly in /etc/sys config/network. Require to reboot box one time set a proper host name.

GUI tool system-con fig-network : Type system config net work in command prompt to configure net work setting and you will get nice graphical  user interface (GUI) which can also utilize to configure IP address, gateway, DNS etc.

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