16 Power Tools For Linux Users

A number of Linux power tools that are fairly helpful for trouble shooting or save yourself from additional troubles. These tools ease you in to doing thing faster. Please see them scheduled below the length of with their descriptions and command for downloading them.

[1]  Gconf Editor: This is an obverse end to gconf tool 2 command line helpfulness, a gnome pattern tool. The use of this tool with command line can be a bit of a problem for novice as you cannot keep in mind all the paths. This tool offers you a feel of the windows registry editor. You can install this tool by use  sudo apt-get install gconf editor.

[2] Eiciel: This is a really good ACL front end for novice who are not high quality at CLI and do not desire to utilize it.

[3] Guake:  It is a standard fatal with a different feel and behavior addition a comfort akin to Quake or unreal tournament to your Linux desktop. It is Linux by vital F12 and not. This tool is actually good quality for common console users save them from opening, concluding and conduct gnome incurable windows. You can install this tool by using sudo apt obtain install quiver.

[4] Meld: When use special configuration files or plan code, one needs a diverse viewer and patchier. This is an illustration and merge tool. It allows you to evaluate two to three files and edit them. Install this tool by use sudo apt obtain install meld.

[5]  Wine:  It is one of the the major well known programs. Please note that default repositories do not stay the latest version so you require to download this tool from elsewhere.

[6] Glipper: This is the finest Clipboard Manager for Linux that workings as a Gnome panel applet. This cannot run somewhere else than Gnome Panel. It is quite supple having positive bright features, which include snippets, procedures etc.

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[7] Auto Key: Use this to program a person system broad short cuts or abbreviation to any satisfied like address, first name or something that need to type frequent times, assign shortcuts to operation and applications. Install it by using  sudo apt-get install auto key.

[8] Gnome Do: This is a really huge launcher tool attractive its objective from Mac OS X fast silver. It is used as a dock or panel. Launch any thing presented with a few key strokes if you do not like mice or pointers. You need to download it from else where as Ubuntu repositories stockpile the older versions.

[9] FSlint: This tool is good quality for locating duplicate files, bad names, empty folders and other waste that  desire to get rid of from your system. Install this tool by using sudo apt get install fslint

[10] Test Disk : As cited on penguin inside. This is a tool to undelete and recover. It does not preserve ext4 as yet but lots of distributions are creation exploit of ext3. Install this tool for improving essential data on your disk. Install this tool by use sudo apt acquire install test disk.

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[11] True Crypt: This tool adds an additional bit to your file safety.

[12] Bleach Bit: The whole thing is stored in Linux in the form of files with a few being useless. This tool is functional for Linux applications with little storage space spaces. To download it from elsewhere as Ubuntu repositories reserve the older versions.

[13] Palimp Set Disk Utility : This is a default effectiveness in disk management in Fedora. It is a vast helpfulness as a front end to S.M.A.R.T. This tool allow you to monitor the health of your disk in an simple way. Developed by Red hat this usefulness can be installed with the help of the Debian pack up manager apt get. Install this tool by using  sudo apt get install gnome disk utility.

[14] Conduit Synchronizer: Still being developed and is a division of the GNOME project. It is a management application for GNOME allow to synchronize files, photos, emails, contacts, notes, calendar data and new types of special information. Synchronize that data with an extra computer, online service or electronic device. Install it by use  sudo apt get install conduit .

[15] Back In Time:  A backup tool for restoring effectiveness. Install this by using -sudo apt get install back in time gnome or sudo apt get install back in time kde.

[16] ClamTK : This is a large front end tool to Clam AV. It is simpler than Clam TK and live up to prospect.

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