Free BSD Can Compete With Ubuntu Linux, Windows 8

When it come to Open GL gaming presentation. It turns out that the NVIDIA BSD driver, which is at rest frequently common common code with Linux and Solaris and windows, pairs extremely very well with at no cost BSD’s Linux double compatibility layer. The Nvidia BSD presentation is very high-quality for open GL as shown in this article with an evaluation of  windows 8 vs. Ubuntu 13.10 vs. Free BSD 9.1. some Open GL work loads the Linux game are administration quicker on free BSD pc BSD 9.1 than Ubuntu.

Free BSD and a number of extra BSD distributions propose Linux double compatibility sustain for being able to run local Linux binaries on BSD. The binary compatibility relies upon a Free BSD most important part unit for Linux plus ported Linux run instance libraries pulled from Fedora 10 RPMs at present.

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Linux dual preserve in free BSD is to it is at present partial to x86 binaries with out any maintain for x86_64 Linux binaries or extra architectures. Linux x86 binaries will work just fine on the Free BSD x86_64amd 64 hosts, which is what was use for this test. By using unigine tech demos and other benchmark, some of these binary only Open GL Linux examination courses are 32 bit only anyway so it is less of a deal.

Free BSD exhibit driver was the use of difficult, which is the latest free BSD driver version available from side to side free BSD ports. Mention a lot of times before on Phoronix, the NVIDIA Free BSD driver shares a majority of common code with the Linux, windows, and solaris target aside from plat form specific bits. Conventionally we have found the NVIDIA driver presentation to be approximately the similar across operating systems.  The 64-bit versions of all operating systems were used during testing.   The identical hardware was used across bench marking windows 8, Ubuntu 13.10 growth, and PC BSD 9.1 the tested graphics cards were still the Ge force 9800GTX, GeForce GTX 460, and Ge force GTX 680

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