Features Oracle 11g Database To Kill Session

A variety of critical situation Oracle DBA has to make a decision to kill existing session or kill the backdrop procedure of Oracle 11g database. Distant Oracle DBA should require to finish session process called as terminate of the session of any instance. Dbametrix explain declaration of this issue. Oracle 11g database there is  a fresh feature introduce to kill session from sql plus. Modify system cut off session command is introduced in Oracle 11g database with a number of additional new capacity.

We can kill session past finishing an accessible transaction to be ended. In previous release there was no range to close on going transaction. As an alternative of “alter system kill session” here we can utilize “alter system disconnect session”. Use syntax “POST_TRANSACTION” we can kill session for a active transaction has to be finished first and after that it will be mechanically killed. Example of same syntax is given below.

SQL> alter system disconnect session ‘9,171’ post_transaction;

System altered.

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Session can be kill with out ultimate energetic contract use “IMMEDIATE” syntax with “change system divide session” command. This command kill and end accessible session immediately away and roll back if any energetic transaction. This syntax is comparable as previous command “alter system kill session” with direct syntax as specified following example.

SQL> alter system disconnect session ‘9,171’ immediate;

System altered.

When we are executing command “alter system disconnect session” without above both clauses (means POST_TRANSACTION & IMMEDIATE), error is being generated called ORA- 02000: missing POST_TRANSACTION or IMMEDIATE keyword.

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We can not perform “alter system disconnect session” without exact keywords like post_transaction or instant. We can perform “alter system kill session” syntax with out any precise more syntax like direct in prior release of Oracle 11g database.  This feature “alter system disconnect session” was introduce in Oracle 10g. In Oracle 10g database this characteristic and syntax was as latest feature of Oracle 10g database.

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