How to Set an Oracle Linux System?

Suse Linux administrator a fast method to appreciate and execute day to day system administration tasks on Oracle Linux. Similarity and difference in main areas of Linux system administration such as file system difference, boot up series, setting up frequently use daemons such as mail and web, and package administration.  Find real configuration example, absolute with the ladder requisite to get a particular objective. The example are frequent for both Oracle Linux and Suse Linux. Migrate any risk connected to move around from Suse Linux to Oracle Linux.

Oracle Linux 6.1 and Suse Linux endeavor Server 11 serve as the two base operating systems for evaluation. All configuration example and illustration are base on either Oracle Linux 6.1 or Suse Linux endeavor server.

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Software support centers: Each operating system seller offers a support center for register systems and down loading the newest updates, protection patch, and errata. Oracle offer the Un fragile Linux net work for Oracle Linux and Suse offer the Novell customer center for support subscription, Linux software patches, updates, and fixes.

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Register & Update Oracle Linux 6 Unbreakable Linux Network:

After installing the Oracle Linux 6 operating system, the initial obsession should do is register your server with the Un breakable Linux net work, which is a complete resource for Oracle Linux maintain subscribers that offers access to Linux software patches, updates, and fixes. To utilize the unbreakable Linux network.

Registering Oracle Linux 6 Server: Register Oracle Linux 6 server with the un breakable Linux net work  follow the ladder beneath. The process is instantly forward and easy. Un breakable Linux net work require port 80 and 443 to be open for message between the server being register and the permanent Linux network. Work with your network administrator to ensure that the server being registered can access the unbreakable Linux network.

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