Oracle Database 11g : Features For DBA And Developers

In Oracle Database 11g fetch that vision faster to actuality. The Database play again tool, for example, allow you to detain manufacture database work load and re play it in a examination or yet the similar database to review the impact of change. Consider SQL presentation Analyzer which predict the presentation collision of change to SQL previous to they are complete. Real function testing functionality alone justify the improve. After this procedure edition base redefinition introduce in release 2 enable patching and update of data matter while the application remainder online.

Oracle database 11g make database communications remote additional well-organized, flexible, and convenient. Very forceful fresh features in the realm of partition simplicity the design and organization of partition tables hugely. Oracle Database 11g new features for administrators DBA release 2 training explores new change management features and other key enhancements in Oracle database 11g release 1 and release 2. participate in hands on practice sessions help re in force your accepting of the fresh capability.

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[2] APIs and Precompilers: New Oracle Database 11g features in application programmatic interface. These features get better presentation and scalability of application and facilitate simple consumption of the Oracle client side heap.

[3] Client Side Query Cache : This feature enable caching of query consequence sets in customer recollection. The cached effect set data is clearly kept consistent with any change done on the server side. Applications leveraging this characteristic observe better presentation for queries which have a cache hit. In addition, a query service by the cache avoid round trip to the server for move the question and eye catching the results. It also reduce the server CPU that would have been obsessive for processing the query there by civilizing server capability.

[4] Availability : Browser base enterprise executive included interface for Log Miner: This characteristic at the present make it possible to utilize the browser base Oracle enterprise manager Database control edge for Log Miner. Prior release, administrators were necessary to utilize the standalone Java console to use Log Miner. The Console was not included with the relax of enterprise manager and was cumber some to install. This new boundary, administrator have a task based instinctive come up to to use Log Miner.

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[5] Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: These features make tighter the mixing of prepared and logical databases, to facilitate superior excellence and more up to date in sequence. Exclusion the modify bench would forever remove all obsessive modify data from the alter table. The modify data purge enhancements feature introduces a date range based model to clean modify data. This feature increase the give of exclusion modify data from the modify tables. Users can identify a date variety for which data should be purge.

[6] Clustering : Oracle RAC enhancement that build cluster and Oracle RAC set up and installation easier to perform by anyone un familiar with both Oracle RAC and clustering. Improved service based monitor and summary and tile base views for monitor performance metrics.

[7] Content Management Services : Describe enhancement to the LOB communications in this release, called Oracle secure files. Enhancement comprise built in density and encryption. Oracle Database now use a superior session data unit  by defaulting. Optimizations to the net work session SDU size effect in important performance gain for large data transfer.

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