Linux 3.11 Features

Linux kernel 3.11 RC4 include a few arch updates ARM, PA-RISC efficient drivers networking, USB and DRM as well as a variety of core networking change. Linux 3.11 kernel and it incorporates a lot of more patch too a lot of more than Linus torvalds would favor at this time. Linux 3.11-rc3 announcement -rc3 has concerning 50% additional commits than rc2 did. Element of it is that a little public missed rc2 but fraction of it is that public just sent me more. The change in Linux 3.11-rc3 is typically just the natural driver mix and architecture update and then bug-fixes spotted through out.

The patch look a bit odd  because by size 95% of the scrap is just the exclusion of the CSR performance driver that was not receiving any traction so the divested and the dir stat in exacting is not very attractive or clear since that driver removal essentially over shadows every thing else. Linux 3.11 unite window is concerning to close, most almost certainly this sunday  and the majority of the draw requests have been complex.

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Disk & File System : The Linux 3.10 successor is bringing with its hold for LZ4 density, Zswap for dense swap caching, XFS file system improvement, Btrfs presentation tuning, F2FS file system updates EXT4 file system update and inclusion of Lustre file system customer for the first time. LZ4 concentration can now be used as an option to Gzip, BZIP2, LZMA and LZO to condense the Linux kernel. LZ4’s density and de compression speed with no trouble hit those of its alternative like LZO snappy.

Graphics : Linux 3.11 will carry with it Radeon energetic power organization support new DRM display driver, Intel has well improvement next to with valley vision  Bay trail support, H.264  MPEG2 video decode for nouveau and early on GK110 GPU support. Linux 3.11 the key things to see for which were intel valley sight is no longer preliminary and is now steady for use with Intel bit bay trail hard ware frame buffer density (FBC) support for has well SVDO and TV clean-ups a range of mode setting fix improvement.

CPU: Optimizations in Linux 3.11 for AVX2 comprise extra effort on the camellia AES-NI stepping up and as the crypto is present in Intel has well CPUs quicker presentation can be leveraged from fresh crypto code paths for encrypted disks. beyond this there are latest SHA224 and SHA384 shims that have been added to the extensively present SSSE3 instruction set extension. The new update to AVX2 however drops the obsolete blow fish and two fish implementations. Linux 3.11 ARM improvement  embrace support for KVM and Xen virtualization on 64 bit hardware AArch64 hugetlbfs and translucent huge-pages.

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