Linux Training for – Windows engineer, software programmer, database administrator

Linux Training – Best For Software Programmer, Windows Server Engineer,  Database Administrator:-

Software Programmer:-

Linux Training is best for Software Programmer as, it increase software programmer’s troubleshooting skill, by using Linux system utilities in combination of system log. It also adds value to their career and increase marketability.

Windows Server Engineer:-

Linux Training is best for Windows Server Engineer, as it adds considerable value in their job and position become stronger if they administer Linux with Windows server also. Most of the organization are using or have a plan to use cloud computing and virtualization as part of cost cutting, increase efficiency. Engineer with the knowledge of Windows and Linux plays multi tasking role for an organization and organization can also save money on human capital.

Database Administrator:-

Linux Training is best for Database Administrator of Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL server etc. as it add value to their knowledge and DBA become more confident at operating system level. It helps DBA to automate their daily monitoring task using by scheduling script at operating system level.

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